An exception regarding access to places of work for Estonian and Latvian residents

The Estonian Government decided on 20 March 2020 to allow travelling for work for the residents of Estonia and Latvia regardless of place of residence. The residents of Estonia and of Latvia can continue working cross border and they do not have to follow the 14-day restriction of movement. Only these persons without symptoms of illness may cross the border.

Additional information can be found at the homepage of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

The Latvian cabinet of Ministers has approved an amendment to its Oder No 103 Regarding Declaration of the Emergency Situation of 12.03.2020. In accordance with the amendment the requirement to ensure 14 days of self-isolation at the place of residence is not applied to the Latvian nationals returning to Latvia after performing their work duties in Estonia or Lithuania and Estonian and Lithuanian nationals who travel to Latvia for work (provided that they do not have any signs of acute respiratory infection and have not been in contact with the COVID-19 infectious person). Outside of the working hours persons shall ensure self-isolation and observe their health conditions.