The International Literature Festival brought “Ambassadors of Japanese Stories” to the Estonian Embassy in Riga

On Saturday, December 7, the Estonian Embassy hosted the event “Ambassadors of Japanese Stories” as a part of International Literature Festival “Prozas lasījumi”.

On a rainy afternoon three Latvian authors Inese Zandere, Pauls Bankovskis and Andris Kuprišs read their short stories about how they imagined the life of Japanese military attache Makoto Onodera in 1930s. He and his wife Juriko Onodera were living at a time in Riga and were close friends with Estonian military attache Saarsen. The address Skolas iela 13 played important role in the lives of Mr and Mrs Onodera, because it was the address of the Estonian Embassy in 1920s-1930s as it is today.  This is why, the Ambassadors of Japanese Stories were reading their stories at the Estonian Embassy.  The moderator Santa Remere, who is culture journalist and enthusiast of Japanese culture,  made the introduction and how the idea to write these stories was born. Firstly, the writers wrote the stories  for the performance “Heterotopia Riga” (director: Akira Takayama) of the Theatre Festival “Homo Novus”, organized by Latvian New Theatre Institute.  The prose reading was followed by the lively discussion. The writers explained how they found the angle and what details captivated them the most.